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another private blog with developer stuff and some thoughts

What I’m doing now

Short bio

I’m living and working in Germany by Aachen. I was born in east Germany GDR, so I’m also a refugee!

I have Diabetes mellitus type 1 diagnosed on Jan 2015 by pure accident.

My day time goes on these things:


Here is a short list of open source projects where I’m doing some stuff.

Contributing to

Currently working on


Other stuff

  • I love punk music and all other rocking stuff #PunksNotDead
  • Vinyl junkie
  • I love reading criminal books
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printer interested
  • Nerd


I received the MVP award in Visual Studio and Development Technologies for sharing his knowledge in the community.

I’m going to the MVP global summit at 7. Nov - 10. Nov 2016.


You can find me on

or in real life

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated: 15.09.2016